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Frank Snyder's Wealth Management Service

Professional Portfolio Management By Frank Snyder

 If you want a professional to manage your investments for you, consider Frank Snyder.

Imagine having a portfolio built specifically for you with investments such as ETF’s, No Load Funds, Interval Funds, Stocks, and Closed End Funds.  With your input we create a custom diversified portfolio that aligns with your goals, risk tolerance, liquidity needs and time horizon. We sift through the thousands of available options and pick investments that we feel will provide you with the best returns based on your risk tolerance. 

Once the portfolio is built we will monitor these holdings and make adjustments based on current market conditions — so you don't have to.  You allow us the discretion to do what we feel is in your best interest. 

This portfolio can be created in a level fee wrap account.  All costs for management, custody & trading are included in a single transparent reasonable monthly fee.

Where are you on your investment journey through life?  Whether you are just getting started, an experienced investor or retired and needing income, Frank Snyder can help.  Call or email today to set up a consultation.


Contact Frank Snyder for more information or to schedule service by calling us at (618) 664-1458 today.